Newsletter – Jan-Mar 2020


Jan – Mar 2020


I would like to take this opportunity to say Hi to all members. I hope everyone is well and staying safe due to the COVID-19. Unfortunately things are going slow with Directors. We are thinking of you all at this unfortunate time. As you read on you will learn about what has been happening and what the running of the office is at in this point and time. We look forward to a very progressive and busy time when things get back on track. So once again stay safe and well.
Melissa Landers – Chairperson


The Investment Committee was established in 2014, with the support of Frank Warren and Board of Directors.
The Committee’s first task was to create a Charter, the rules under which the Committee operated. The Charter was drafted by Peter James-Martin, financial adviser, reviewed by DAC’s legal advisers after which the Board approved it.
The present Investment Committee Members are: Debbie Bates (Co-ordinator), Frank Warren, Mavis Dadleh, Sharon Stewart, Debbie Warren. (Debbie Warren also records minutes for meetings)
The Investment Committee has consistently met with Peter James-Martin (Financial Adviser) 3-4 times a year in Adelaide to review current investments and consider future investment.
The aim is to build an investment portfolio that generates regular income for the benefit of Dieri Members now and into the future for the long-term welfare for our people.
A copy of the Investment Committee Charter is accessible from DAC Port Augusta office, for those who wish to see the details of the way in which the Committee meets its obligations.

Debbie Warren


Welcome Members to the third quarter January – March 2020 Newsletter.
It has been very trying for the Corporation at this point in time. The build up over the past few months have been very productive with some work coming up in the future and work has been put on hold that was meant to go ahead at the Killapninna Mission.

setting up the toilet and shower blocks. Regrettably, due to the COVID-19 it has all come to a stand still.
Unfortunately we are not the Government and they are the ones that are handing Assistance Money to Australian people, we are The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation and we do not have the Capacity to do this as we are a Not For Profit Corporation Not the Government. We did receive phone calls and also members come to the Office asking for money because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, in which members were told that we are not in a position to hand out money to each individuals as we cannot by Law. The Office will remain closed due to the COVID-19 Government Regulations of Isolation for the safety of staff and members, this is a direction of the Australian Government.
All business will be as usual but it will be via electronics, so we will accept your applications by Fax or Emails and they will be processed in a very timely manner.
Please Do Not attend the Office as a refusal of Entry may Offend, as I have stated this is for the safety of Staff and Members.
Over the past few Months there has been a number of Members that think that it is ok to abuse the staff, Members need to understand that these staff members work in a very unthankful Position as they provide a service to there Family and Extended Family and do not need to be abused the way some of our members do out there, this will not be tolerated and it will lead to action taken by a Staff member to have this dealt with in the appropriate way. Below I have listed all contact details for lodgement of your Policy Applications which is a copy of the Public Announcement that has been advertised in the local Port Augusta and Broken Hill Newspapers.
The office will remain closed until further notice.
Please submit policy application through all electronic methods at; 
Phone: 08 8641 0092
Fax: 08 8641 0002
Ensure you lodge a completed application with the full completion of the Form 1 & 2 as well as your quote/invoice and supporting documentation. Policy application forms can be found on the website. If you apply at the Dieri website complete form 1 first the select submit then complete form 2 and select submit. This will ensure admin receives both forms for complete applications.
You will be notified by SMS to the outcome of your application.

Please allow up to 5-14 days processing during this time.

I have set up an Office in Broken Hill to provide additional support with applications for members living in this area, due to members only being able to utilise assistance from Schools and other organisations to send their Policy Applications electronically.


Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation I have cancelled All Work Area Clearances until futher notice as we The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation sees that it is un-safe for our Family Members to attend.
This is also an opportunity for those that wish to work on country to get online and do your Inductions to attend Work Area Clearances. If you would like to do so here are the links below.

Beach Induction Link;

Santos Induction Link;


Admin are continuing to work with you to ensure we are processing your applications in a timely manner. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic application may take a little more time then usual. Please allow up to 5-14 days for complete processing. If you have Medical applications you need to lodge ensure you are providing these well before your appointment dates to ensure you receive the assistance before your travel. Once payments are made it still takes between 1-3 days to be processed by the Banks. Ensure you complete the application forms 1&2 with all your supporting documents and provide your mobile telephone number on your application forms to receive a SMS that will advise you the outcome of your application.

We have been receiving a large number of incomplete applications. Whilst we do our best to make contact with you, some telephone numbers we have are not current or up to date.
Please be advised that incomplete applications will only be held in the office for a maximum of 5 days. After this period, they will be disposed of and you will have to re-submit a complete application, that is forms 1&2 completed with supporting documents attached and lodged to Admin as a complete application. This will reduce your wait towards processing for approval.

We have provided an updated member contact details form with this newsletter. If you need to update your details please complete this form and email, post or fax it back to admin at;
Fax: 08 8641 1002
PO Box 695, PORT AUGUSTA SA 5700

Reminder: All notifications to you about the progress of your applications are provided via SMS Text Messaging. This is why it is really important for you to provide your mobile telephone number on all your applications.

From all staff in Admin Stay Safe and Well.



“It’s better to be healthy alone than sick with someone else.”
– Phil McGraw –