WHo we are

The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC is the registered native title body corporation representing the Dieri People who are and always have been the traditional owners of the Dieri land.

The Dieri lands are situated in the far north east of South Australia and lie between Katithunda – Lake Eyre in the west and Moomba in the east. They cover Mumpy (Murnpeowie Station) in the south and up to Clifton Hills station in the North.


The Corporation represents the Dieri People who are acknowledged as having a Dieri ancestry and identify as Dieri People and are acknowledged by other Dieri People as Dieri.

The Corporation was successful in obtaining three Native Title Rights in this area, and The Dieri being acknowledged as the Traditional owners of their land.

There are approx. 1,500 registered Dieri Members whom live throughout South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. The Dieri had disbursed during the earlier years when cleansing of the land had been introduced by the earlier settlers and South Australia Police, which was actually recorded by the Europeans.