How we came to be

Even before the passing of the Native Title Act, the Dieri People were active in protecting their land. Under the guidance of Edward Lander, Christopher Dodd, Shane Kemp and other Dieri People set up the North East Aboriginal Lands Corporation Inc to liaise with Santos who was carrying out petroleum exploration work over Dieri land without consulting Dieri People. Because of setting up this corporation, they were able to negotiate an agreement with Santos that saw Dieri People for the first time being able to carry out heritage inspections prior to petroleum exploration work being undertaken.

With the advent of native title, the Dieri People sought to register their continuing interest in their country.
On 20 July 1997, a meeting of Dieri and the Yandurwantna People was held at the home of Debra Bates in Broken Hill. Present at that meeting was Edward lander, Irene Kemp, Nelly Edge, Sylvia Stuart, Shane Kemp, Christopher Dodd, Jennifer Lander, Michelle Edge, John Edge, Richard Bates, Melissa Lander, William Lander, Debra Bates, Eddie Stewart and several Yandurwantna People.
At that meeting, it was decided that a joint Dieri Yandurwantna native title application be lodged, but after some considerable amount of conversation between the Dieri people it was decided to go alone. The Dieri lodged their application through the courts system with their legal Stephen Kenny.
Eddie Lander had a long fight on his hands until in 2011 he made history for the Dieri People by winning the first Native Title case. This was conducted on Dieri Land across the Eastern side of the Frome Creek just outside of the Marree township.
Since then the Dieri have been successful in winning their other two claims for The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation.

Named Claimants for The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation

Edward Lander


Irene Kemp


Alice Lander


Nell Edge


David Mungerannie


Rhonda Gepp Kennedy

Sylvia Stuart