Newsletter – June 2018

The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
2A Stirling Road

Port Augusta SA 5700

T: (08) 8641 0092

F: (08) 8641 1002

Membership register sub-committee
Back: Shirley Waye-Hill, Sharon Stewart, Chris Dodd, Kerrie Standley, Faye Dadleh
Front: Eddie Stewart, Betty Stewart, Barbara Vale, Rene Warren, Jean Bendessi, Raelene Warren  


The DAC Board

By the Directors

There are currently twelve (12) Directors on the DAC Board, including:

  1. Melissa Lander (Chairperson);
  2. Kirsty Dadleh (Contact person);
  3. Christopher Dodd;
  4. Mavis Dadleh;
  5. Faye Dadleh;
  6. Reggie Warren;
  7. Mandy Kemp;
  8. Sharon Stewart;
  9. Kerrie Standley;
  10. Shane Kemp;
  11. Terrence Warren; and
  12. Steven Ed.

These directors were elected following the AGM held in November 2017. Kirsty, Faye and Mavis were appointed in 2016 and were continuing Directors at the last AGM.

Confirmation of Aboriginality Forms

When submitting confirmation of Aboriginality forms, please make sure the ORIGINAL SIGNED FORM is provided to the DAC office, as the Board can only approve original Confirmation of Aboriginality forms.

Port Augusta and surrounding areas Community Information Session is to be held on Satyrday, 14th of July 2018. There will be NO PAYMENTS for attending. A flyer will be sent out at a later date for location and time.

Payment policies – EOFY

Please note that the end of the financial year is fast approaching.

Any payments submitted to the office after 16th June 2018 will not be approverd and paid before the end of the financial year and will need to be included in the next financial year payments.

By ensuring that the process is followed and all supporting documents are provided to the DAC office, there will hopefully be minimal delays

Elders’ Meeting

An Elders’ meeting was held in Adelaide on 5 May 2018 followed by a visit to the South Australian Museum on 6 May.